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My kiddo is always on this slide. It’s the one consistent thing he uses everyday! Fabric is durable, easy to clean and a good texture for climbing and sliding.

Sturdy rockers

They work great, super sturdy and fun to fill in spacey or rock on. Also surprisingly amazing to put 2 together as an adult and stretch out my back Haha!! Highly recommend.


Bought it for our 17M old and it has been his favourite toy since day 1. He plays with it every single day for a month now! Highly recommend

Epic lounger with large triangles

The best!! The longer triangles are a game changer, especially for balancing the bases over. It makes it the perfect height for my smaller baby who's just learning to move around. My toddler is also so thrilled. We are so beyond stoked with these couches, we cant wait to keep adding on peices.


We love our epic fort play couch!!! It’s a beautiful deep blue color, fits in with our play area so well and is so much fun for our little guy! He is too small to move it on his own but has loved his couch build, ball pit build and fort build so much already!! Highly recommend 😍

The toy that never gets rotated!

The blue kids' play couch has become an absolute favourite in our home, capturing our children's imaginations and igniting their sense of adventure. Its vibrant color and sturdy design make it an attractive and reliable addition to their playroom. From climbing and building to transforming it into a pirate ship or a cozy cave, the possibilities for imaginative play are endless.

Fun for everyone!

Our little guy feels like he has his own space to play and roll around. The foam is firm enough to hold adults without issue and it is so comfortable to lounge around and play on. With so many configurations and ways to play this is sure to be a favourite for years to come!

Wonderful Play Could

My 1 year old loves this couch, she loves climbing all over it. It has really helped her gain confidence getting off and on furniture. We also love that we can get extra pieces as she gets older. It is also quite comfortable. 100% recommend this couch!

Great building addition

Fantastic additional peices fo start creating better forts. My kids have had endless fun the last few days since opening it!

I researched what seemed like every decent brand of play couch and decided to go with this one. I am so glad that I did! My twins have had so much fun with this couch in short time that we've had it and the customer service I received was exceptional. A sale began a few hours after I had made my order and I did the math, seeing how much money I could have saved if I had known. I didn't want to ask for a refund of the difference but was going to because every little bit extra helps. They sent me the refund before I even had a chance to reach out and that floored me in today's Amazon impersonal world.
The couch itself fluffed up fully overnight. I, myself, was excited in the morning to set it up. I'm so glad I chose you! I will be getting some add ins in the future as the babies grow and once my six year old step daughter has a chance to play with it. So thrilled with this purchase!


Absolutely love our play couch. It’s out favourite kids item. My son really enjoys playing with it, sitting on it. We rearrange it all the time. So much fun!


My sons favourite add on.
He loves to slide and climb on these alll day long

Epic Creativity 12 piece

The quality is very good . My one year old son and my 8 years old niece normally play together and they love it .

Fun for babies and kids!

We love the versatility of this set. Our 1 year old loves to climb on it and our 5 & 7 year old make forts with it. We look forward to using it as an extra sleeping surface for sleepovers too. The quality is excellent. Foam is firm but comfy, fabric is soft.

Excellent couch, excellent customer service.

We cant wait to give this to our kiddo for her birthday, were dying to give it to her early but only another week wait. Im already having fun searching different ideas. The cushions are firm and sturdy yet so comfortable and the customer service was excellent when I missed a big sale by only a few days and was credited to buy more goodies. Cant wait!! Would be so fun to win some more.

Amazing buy!!

We purchased this play couch because of the array of pieces available included in the set. My 18 month old loves it and we use it every day for climbing, sliding, playing, jumping and tumbling. It is a worthy investment that will be used for years to come.

A "toy" my kids actually use!

I hear myself saying to my 5 and 2 year old often "you have a million toys! Go pick one!" when I've had enough of them following me around the house. But this 12-piece couch has them heading into play mode (together nonetheless) without any push from me. The covers are soft, I washed my midnight blue once with vinegar and didn't have any staining (as recommended). The twelve pieces are all easy for my kids to handle. Though it's rarely in couch form through the day, it is a nice reset at bedtime to set it up and read a couple books. Ordering and pick up was seamless, the instructions very detailed and the box could fit in vehicle. I'm looking into add-ons for Christmas :)


Bought this for my very active 2.5 yr old after months and months of research. I’m typically a very frugal person so this was a well-thought through purchase. We’ve been using it for a few weeks and can’t say enough good things. Exactly what we expected and hoped for and our little guy (and friends) can’t get enough.


The best add on!
So much fun

Kids love it!

My kids (age 4 and 7) had so much fun with the wedges making slides. I bought with the fort building set. Highly recommend!

Well worth the money!

I was hesitant to spend so much money on a play couch, but bit the bullet anyway...and I am so glad I did! My 2-year-old uses it daily in imaginative play and for relaxing. The quality is excellent - the microfiber wipes clean so easily (we have already had multiple snack messes dirty it up), the zippers match seamlessly, the foam is firm enough for sturdy builds but still comfortable for sitting, and I LOVE that the waterproof liners are included. My favorite thing about this couch is the design with the arches and doors: using the arches as a "seat"/arm rests and extending the seat with the doors as a footrest is so. Darn. Comfortable. It's brilliant! I've had mine for nearly a month and have absolutely no complaints.

I’m really happy with the make and quality. My kiddo loves climbing, crawling and sliding on the couch. Customer service was excellent!

Highly Recommend

The children really love the 12 piece epic creativity couch. There are endless ways to play. It's totally worth the price and very affordable compared to others. I love that these already come with waterproof covers! Don't look no further and order these!

Love it!

My kids LOVE the epic fort couch! I am sure we will be back for more!

Such a Great Set for Daycare

We purchased this set for our preschool room at our daycare and the children love it so much! It is comfortable and durable and a new favourite piece of furniture.