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Perfect Climbing Triangle

Knew we wanted to buy a climbing triangle with ramp for our daughter but everything we saw online was so expensive! Decided to look for a secondhand one and through our searches on FB Marketplace we found this company. Less expensive than many of the used ones we found, shipped & arrived SO quickly, quality is amazing, instructions and set up were easy to follow, and I love how it looks in our living room space! Could not be happier with this purchase and will be recommending to everyone we know who is looking for a climbing triangle. Our two year old absolutely loves it and has gained so much more confidence in her body since we got it.

Great play couch for "first timers"

The quality is evident. Firm cushions with a great fabric cover. I love that we can make the fort from a single set.

Best decision

Our kids have been playing on these everyday for hours since we got them. I wish I’d had them when I was a kid! It’s so nice to have a toy that they can use to embrace their creativity but also get some exercise. They use it for making obstacle courses and get exercise indoors during the winter.

Hours and hours of creative play!!!

My 4 children were gifted the 12 piece couch for Christmas and I cannot say enough positive things about it! The product itself is very well made, great quality, easily put together (no struggles with covers or zippers), and amazing customer service! I had some questions regarding shopping as we were excitedly awaiting and they responded so quickly and politely!
I would hands down recommend this couch to anyone with kiddos! Mine range from 8 months to 9 years old and they’ve spent hours already playing make believe and building new creations daily!

Absolutely love them! Sad we didn’t have this when we were kids!

Honestly not much to say besides these were by far the best toy we’ve purchased for our twins. We’re excited that we can build places for them to play now, in the future they can build with then, and eventually, they’ll be able to use them for stuff like sleepovers!


Couldn't be happier. Excellent product. Really sturdy, looks great. So many ways the kids can organize it to play on. Folds nicely, doesnt take up too much room! The wood is beautiful and smooth. Not hard to put together. Highly recommended!!

Saturday mornings are now Play Couch time!!!

We just arrived home from family visits on New Years Eve and ever since my girls have been playing on their new 12 piece play-couch nonstop and with very little conflict… for hours… independently!!!

They are still beginner builders so yesterday was honestly just a pile of foam, but they played for hours on their own without a peep! (I wish I had taken a photo it was pretty funny!)

Today they started as Princesses on a throne that transformed into a cave, into a doctors office, then exam table for the doctor and then into a heap of a “monster trap”.

Honestly HOURS of FUN 🤩 🥰🤩
Highly recommend Epic Kidz Play Solutions for play couches! Can’t wait to keep adding to these and open up more building opportunities and good old PLAY FUN 🤩

**Also loving that they come with the water proof liners since the double base piece has already fallen temporarily to a pee accident and is out of commission as the cover dries… but THANK-GOODNESS for the waterproof liners!!!

Truly Epic!

So worth it! I wasn't sure my grandsons (aged 2 and 8 months) would get my money's worth out of the epic 12-pc play couch, but even 'Dave' the doggo is getting in on the action! The 'kidz' (and parents and pets) play, nap, chill, jump, climb, cuddle, hide, slide, build and create with this set constantly! I thought it would be put in the rec room, but it's such an Epic hit, that it's a new feature in the living room! It's rarely in its 'couch spot' because it always seems to be in use in some way. Both boys seem to be using all or parts of the set most of the time. Whether it's setting up camp to watch their fave show or read a book, or use the pieces to build obstacles galore, it proving to be an Epic addition. They've even used it to create elevated hot wheels tracks, and as monster truck ramps. Mimi even gets a turn on the 'slide' when we're on a FaceTime call - and they catch me at the bottom! It has proven to be a versatile 'toy' that can be used with just about everything - limited only by imagination!

Great product.....slow shipping

Bought as a gift, my nephew is in LOVE with it. My only issue was the shipping. Was supposed to be delivered Dec 22nd, but wasn't delivered until Jan 6th, Canpar took forever to deliver. Weather issue in BC caused some delay, but sat with Canpar for a VERY long time.

Great present for a toddler 👍

We got the 12 pieces play couch for our 2 years old daughter and she loves it. She plays every day with it since Christmas day.
Endless options to play and use their imagination.
Totally worth it!

Great play couch

So happy with this play couch my 5 year old and 18 month old finally have something they can play together. Even my old pup fights the kids over it .

Literally an EPIC gift!

Our 3.5 year old got the fort building couch for Christmas/New Years this year and she is obsessed! We purchased it in the fall, and since then really noticed her jumping all over our couch. She has been trying to build things, pulling the pillows off constantly, so this gift has been amazing! Santa visited just in time with the best gift possible. She is climbing, building, jumping, hiding pretty much all day long. This has been such an amazing addition in our household and we are already looking to expand our collection.

We gifted our 3.5 year old and 2 year old with this playcouch for Christmas. It has been a massive hit since, with new configuration multiple times a day that lead to hours of imaginative and active play. Both kids love jumping on it and the older one incorporates it into his make-believe, most notably as a stage for his "rock concerts" and as a rocket ship.

My one minor "con" is that the arches are slightly shorter than the connected base so when you are building a "house" they don't provide the sturdiest of walls unless the "door" is in. But it doesn't really get in the way of the experience or fun.

We looked at many vendors and configurations but ultimately opted for shopping local, and going with the Fort Builder because of the foam density (in all the pieces) and because waterproof liners are included. We have not been disappointed and anticipate many years of fun and use for this play couch (though maybe more sedate use as the kids get older).

As an added bonus, EpicKidz was so friendly and easy to work with and it was an absolute pleasure to see the product in their showroom before purchasing.


We bought this couch for my son who just turned one and he’s obsessed with it. There’s so many options to change it around and currently have it as ballpit/slide. Such a great purchase that will be used for years to come.

Great all the way around!

We love the ramps, they've added a level of fun and complexity to our play couch. They are well made, and the customer service is top notch. If you're on the fence about getting a play couch, do it, I wish we had years ago.

Best gift for all the kids

My 2 & 5 year olds play with it every day, it’s good quality and feels durable. I do have to help them with builds because it can be a bit heavy. Definitely was the star gift this Christmas. Their favourite way to set it up is as a slide, great way to burn off their energy.

Huge hit!

We purchased the Epic Fort Building Couch for our 9 month and 2.5 year old for Christmas. Initially the reason I was first drawn to Epic Kidz was simply because the couch I wanted was in stock! However since our purchase I have found SO MANY MORE reasons to LOVE this company. What I love a) fast, free shipping, b) really cool 'different' items in a set ('archways and doors') to make some fun builds right out of the gate! c) items are sold seperately so that you can really customize your couch without having to buy an entire set. d) the quality is AMAZING. Firm foam without being 'too firm'. This makes for strong builds but still soft enough to be comfortable to lie down on e) Simply amazing customer service! Responsive, personalized and really care about their customers and their product. They even followed up with me to make sure everything had expanded to our liking.

Our epic fort was by far the 'winner' on Christmas day. I was amazed at the couches ability to amuse both kids in different ways at the same time!! My husband who was initially very skeptical of my affinity for foam apologized by 5pm Christmas day and dubbed it the best 'babysitter' ever and thanked me for proving him wrong.

Judging by how much the kids have played with this couch and its ability to transform into so many different builds I am certain we will be buying many more accessories down the road from Epic Kidz. So glad to have found this company!

My grandson loved it!!

Epic Fort Building Play Couch (with waterproof liners)


My daughter LOVES her new play couch! She uses it everyday.

Also, the colour is beautiful (midnight blue) and the material is lovely.

Really good quality and the kids love it!!

We love it!

My kids are 1 and 5 and both of them absolutely love this couch. We love how firm it is and how many options there are for builds. It is definitely not your average play couch. The customer service was also excellent. Highly recommend!

Great quality for a great price

These are sturdy, soft and a great product for cost comparison. I have a hard time spending money on things like this and often have regrets but I can say this purchase is sure to be one I make again so we can build even more forts. 100% worth it

Kids love it!

Good quality, lots of fun, kids love it!

Big hit with my 1.5 and 4yo

They received this for Christmas and have loved playing castle in it! My only wish would be that the pieces all went together to make a really good house- we’ve had to be a bit inventive since they don’t really square together. The triangle building in the photos is our favourite so far, but the arch does tend to fall over when fighting dragons.