So many play couch options! Which is best for us?

1. More basic or more pieces?

If you are looking for a more basic play couch with less pieces, we recommend our Epic Lounger Play Couch .

If you are looking for a play couch with more pieces, we recommend either our Epic Creativity 12-Piece Play Couch or our Epic Fort Building Play Couch.

2. How firm do you like your foam?

All of our play couches and play couch accessories are made from the same firm, sturdy and durable CertiPUR-US® certified polyurethane foam with a density of 1.87lb/ft3 @ 60 ILD.

3. Are you looking for a play couch that is best for fort building or best for creative play?

Our Epic Creativity 12-Piece Play Couch has the most pieces, however they are also smaller. This is great for younger kids to pickup and move the pieces themselves, and let their imagination guide them in building different designs.

Our Epic Fort Building Play Couch is best for building more sturdy forts and has larger doorways that kids can crawl through. There are less total pieces, and the pieces are thicker, firmer and heavier. Older kids generally prefer this play couch since builds are more sturdy and bigger forts can be built. Toddlers would have a harder time moving these pieces on their own and creating their own builds, however parents or older siblings could help them and then let them play. When made into a couch, the trapezoid pieces acting as backrests cover the entire length.

4. Are you looking for play couch accessories?

We sell arches & doors, wedges, rockers, trapezoids and thick connected bases separately, compatible with other play couch brands such as the Nugget (84cm x 168cm x 14cm, 33" x 66" x 5.5").

We also sell indoor/outdoor covers made with waterproof Taslan fabric, and waterproof liner sets, both compatible with the Nugget.