So many play couch options! Which is best for us?

1. More basic or more pieces?

If you are looking for a more basic play couch with less pieces, we recommend our Epic Lounger Play Couch .

If you are looking for a play couch with more pieces, we recommend either our Epic Creativity 12-Piece Play Couch or our Epic Fort Building Play Couch. The videos on each product pages are very helpful to visualize the difference between both models.

2. How firm do you like your foam?

All of our play couches and play couch accessories are made from the same firm, sturdy and durable CertiPUR-US® certified polyurethane foam with a density of 1.9lb/ft3 @ 60 ILD. This is ideal for sturdy builds, comfort and foam longevity.

3. Are you looking for a play couch that is best for fort building or best for creative play?

Our Epic Creativity 12-Piece Play Couch has the most pieces, however they are also smaller. This is great for younger kids to pickup and move the pieces themselves, and let their imagination guide them in building different designs.

Our Epic Fort Building Play Couch is best for building more sturdy forts and has larger doorways that kids can crawl through. There are less total pieces, and the pieces are thicker, firmer and heavier. Older kids generally prefer this play couch since builds are more sturdy and bigger forts can be built. Toddlers would have a harder time moving these pieces on their own and creating their own builds, however parents or older siblings could help them and then let them play. When made into a couch, the trapezoid pieces acting as backrests cover the entire length. It makes for the most comfortable couch for adults out of all of our models, especially when the arches are used as built-in armrests!

4. Are you looking for play couch accessories?

We sell arches & doors, wedges, rockers, trapezoids, triangles and thick connected bases separately, compatible with many other play couch brands such as the Nugget (84cm x 168cm x 14cm, 33" x 66" x 5.5").

5. Are you looking to use your play couch outdoors?

We sell indoor/outdoor covers made with waterproof Taslan fabric, and waterproof liner sets, both compatible with popular brands such as the Nugget.

What sets our play couches apart?

1. CertiPUR-US® foam

The gold standard for foam safety and quality. You can be confident that the foam our play couches are made of meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability, and has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. Find us on the CertiPUR-US® website here.

 2. Firm and sturdy foam that will last

Unlike most other play couches on the market, all of our play couches and add-ons are made of foam with a density of 1.87lb/ft3 @ 60ILD. This makes for sturdy forts, more stable creative builds, and comfortable seating that won't have you sinking to the floor (because play couches aren't only for the kids!)

3. Waterproof liners are included

Messes happen, and trust us, you don't want your foam getting ruined! Instead of selling waterproof liners separately at an extra cost, our play couches come with waterproof liners already on all pieces right out of the box.

 4. Thick yet incredibly soft microsuede covers

Not your typical microsuede! No stretchy or saggy covers here! Our covers are snug, and made of a thick and durable microsuede. It is so soft and does not attract pet hair.

5. High quality YKK zippers and zipper pockets

Did you know there are many different grades of YKK zippers? We opted for a very high quality, heavy-duty zipper that is colour-matched to the covers. The zipper pull can be tucked away in cute little zipper pockets to protect your floor/walls from scratches and also to discourage your little one(s) from unzipping the covers.

6. Lab tested so you can be confident in the safety of our play couches

Our foam, waterproof liners, covers and zippers have been rigorously tested in an independent laboratory to ensure they are safe and comply with all North American standards for children's products (including testing for hundreds of harmful substances and flammability).

7. Free shipping and no duties

We ship our play couches free to most areas in Canada and the US from our warehouse in Calgary, Alberta. There are never any duties for orders either!