Our play couches, learning towers and Montessori toys come with a one-year limited warranty. This warranty covers the manufacturing defects for all the products purchased from Epic Kidz's website. A manufacturing defect is a deviation from design specifications during production resulting in a product's defect or shortcoming.

For our play couches, any dimensional differences in foam less than 1" (1 inch) will not be considered as a manufacturing defect. Depending on the batch and also how long it is stored in its box, there is a possibility that the foam dimensions are slightly different than the ones provided in the product description. The foam may be cut slightly different during production, and the way pieces are compressed and rolled during the packing process may also alter their size/shape slightly.

There is also a possibility that play couch cover colours may be slightly different from one batch to another. There is a normal deviation in colour depending on the dye and production process. Colours will be very close, but they may not always be identical.

Please note, our warranty is only applicable to original Epic Kidz products and must have been purchased directly from our website. Any resale/second-hand purchase of our products voids all parts of this warranty.

The Epic Kidz Limited Warranty applies for a twelve (12) month duration (the “Warranty Period”), from time of delivery. Products MUST be opened within fourteen (14) days to qualify for warranty coverage. Any manufacturer defects requiring repairs or replacements will be eligible for a one-time claim per reported issue.


Product Intended Usage

Epic Kidz play couches and Montessori toys are designed to be used for personal use and are intended solely for indoor use by children. The indoor/outdoor play couch cover is the only item that is designed to be used outdoors. Epic Kidz reserves the right to determine what is considered normal wear and tear and will examine each situation on a case by case basis. 

Play Couch Warranty

We offer a 1 year warranty on our play couch foam and covers. Our CertiPUR-US®  certified polyurethane foam is made with some of the highest standards in the industry. This start the day the product is delivered to the customer.

Our covers come with a 1 year one-time repair/replacement warranty. This warranty covers zipper malfunctions and seam tears.

Please let us know immediately if you have any issues with your play couch and we will offer a one-time repair or replacement for your affected cover piece. 

This warranty does not cover any user inflicted damages such as stains, rips, or water/fire damage. It also does not cover damages inflicted by pets since we cannot evaluate clawing, nor biting/chewing. When you open the box, please make sure to inspect your foam and covers to ensure there are no issues. If ever you encounter any problems, you must notify us immediately.


Montessori toys and learning towers warranty

We offer a 1 year warranty on our wood products. Wooden toys are generally more durable than plastic toys, but they can sometimes break. Although wooden toys last many years when taken care of, our toys are not guaranteed against damage due to play and use. The advantage of wooden toys is that they can easily be repaired with carpenter's glue and then enjoyed for many years to come!




Email us at hello@epickidzplay.com with the issue you are having along with a few pictures and we will do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 

Possible solutions:

  1. Repair or replace the defective product with a direct replacement or with a similar product deemed by us to perform close to the same function as the original product.
  2. In case we no longer have the same product available, our manufacturer will send us a replacement which we will send to you, which can take up to 3 months to arrive.