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Epic Kidz Play Solutions

Waterproof liner set (compatible with Epic Lounger with full-length triangles)

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Let’s face it - accidents and spills happen, especially with kids! By adding a waterproof liner set under your covers, you can help your play couch stay clean and last longer. Peace of mind for you and more fun for your little ones.

This waterproof liner set fits our Epic Kidz Lounger play couch with full-length triangle pieces (this play couch already includes waterproof liners), and is also compatible with other standard size play couches that have full-length triangles. Please check the dimensions of your play couch to ensure this liner set is compatible before purchasing.

Comprised of 6 liners:

1. 2 liners for the thick connected base (1 liner for each foam piece)

2. 2 liners for the thin connected base (1 liner for each foam piece)

3. 2 liners for the triangle pieces


Polyester with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) lining, which is entirely non-toxic.


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Fits the following play couch dimensions (compatible with our Play Couch with full-length Triangle Piece and other standard-size play couches with full-length triangles):

1 thicker base made up of 2 connected foam pieces (dimensions: 84cm x 168cm x 14cm)

1 thiner base made up of 2 connected form pieces (dimensions: 84cm x 84cm x 8cm)

2 support cushions (triangular prisms) (dimensions: 84cm x 34cm x 33cm)

Assembly & Care

Machine wash: cold, gentle cycle. Wash other colours separately. Do not bleach, line dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

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